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Bustling City Tours

As an immigrant myself, I moved to Hong Kong in 2002, I first got to know the city as a tourist. I now know very well what makes this city unique and special. The crowded street markets, the ubiquitous neon lights, the Star Ferry, the tramways. Look a bit deeper, and one sees the little temples and roadside shrines, the wet markets, and the fishermen in their sampans that look just like they did 100 years ago.

I call myself an explorer. Always trying to unearth more information about the city, what makes it tick, how did it get to where it is. And the deeper I search, the more I realise how much there is about this place. It's sometimes turbulent history leaves its marks on many places, where you don't expect it.

I have been working as a private guide full time since summer 2013, before that doing occasional tours. I am a Dutch national, and besides Dutch and English I also speak German and basic Cantonese.

Besides private city tours, I also host group tours in the countryside of Hong Kong. These tours focus on the Hong Kong Geopark, and are hosted mainly on weekends, but also on weekdays. For more details and schedules, please visit Countryside Adventure Tours, or click here to contact me for general booking enquiries and other questions about these tours.

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People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are welcome, too. Just let me know in advance if there is any mobility issue or other restriction, then I will adapt the tour accordingly.

Hong Kong is unfortunately not the most wheelchair friendly city in the world, especially public transport still has accessibility issues, though this is improving steadily. Also many heritage buildings can not be entered by wheelchair - being able to walk for short distances would be ideal. However with a little creativity many of these restrictions can be worked around, and a great tour can be arranged.

Click here to contact us for more information.

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Languages - Talen - Sprachen

Dutch is my native language, English a very good second as I've been speaking English on a regular basis for decades now. My third language is German, which I've been using a lot since I'm in Hong Kong. Also I speak basic Cantonese, a really hard language to learn so I'm still not very good at it! All these tours can be conducted in English, Dutch and German.

Nederlands is mijn moedertaal, met Engels een goede tweede, omdat ik al enkele tientallen jaren regelmatig Engels gebruik. Mijn derde taal is Duits, een taal die ik ook in Hong Kong veel heb gebruikt, vooral in gesprekken met Duitse klanten. Verder spreek ik eenvoudig Kantonees. Al deze tours kunnen zowel in het Nederlands, Engels en Duits gegeven worden.